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Accomplish More In 2019 With My Well Ministry

With another year now behind us, 2019 presents a wide open path ahead. As we reflect on all that was accomplished last year, we celebrate how you moved your mission forward. 🙏🙌

My Well Team
Happy New Year from My Well Ministry

A New Year Brings New Things

Last year, ministries like yours collectively freed up more than $5,000,000 for ministry work, and this year you’ll save even more. What are your plans? Your dreams? What’s that thing God’s put in your heart to do, but you’ve been waiting to start?

Sometimes the only thing between us and what God has called us to is one simple step of obedience.

As you take that step, My Well is here to help.

When you’re making plans that affect giving or taking payments, let us know! One of our ministry consultants will be happy to answer any questions and configure your account for what’s ahead.

We’re praying for you and your ministry—that God accomplishes immeasurably more than you can ask or imagine through His power that is at work within you. (Ephesians 3:20)

Make A Difference: Partner, Share, Give

As a nonprofit, we rely on the success of our partner Transnational Payments and generous donations from organizations like yours. 2019 is set to be our biggest year ever and there are three ways you can help make a difference.


If you haven't already joined us, you can get started today! We'll help you set up your merchant account so you can begin saving more money for ministry.

If you currently partner with My Well, you're already a huge part of our story. We’re incredibly grateful to partner with you in your mission!


Do you know someone that could benefit from saving 40–50% on processing fees? Let them know about My Well Ministry! You never know how that one conversation could change the course of their ministry.

Know someone with their own business? Our partner Transnational serves for-profit businesses and can provide e-commerce, credit card swiping terminals, and payroll services to businesses of all sizes.


If you’ve benefitted significantly from reducing your online giving and processing fees, consider asking your leadership to contribute a portion of those savings back into My Well.

Your gift will help us launch a brand new giving platform to provide cost savings and increase generosity to an even wider group of people!

As always, we’re grateful to serve you, and we pray this year is your best year yet!

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