Introducing The New My Well Ministry

In August we launched a new brand for My Well Ministry to better represent who we are as an organization and solidify our values of Ministry, Excellence, and Relatability.

My Well Team

Earlier this year, we set out on a mission to update the look and feel of My Well. We asked ourselves a few questions:

  • What are our values?
  • What do we represent?
  • What do we want to be known for?

So we gathered for two days, throwing out ideas, discussing, debating, and attempting to distill years of ministry into language and visuals that told the story of who we are. We believe where we landed embodies the vision & values of My Well Ministry and helps communicate that we’re your strategic partners in advancing the Gospel.

My Well Ministry New Brand & Logo Lockup

Our values

My Well is a Ministry.

It’s what sets us apart from other companies who profit off of the tithes and offerings of the church. We’re not in this for profit or shareholders or business.

We strongly believe that our ministry is reducing credit & debit card processing fees so more money is freed up for ministry. It’s our small way to help bring God’s Kingdom to earth.

My Well Ministry New Brand Billboard

My Well Ministry means Excellence.

We strive to offer the best tools to churches and faith based non-profits to help them do more ministry. As we build these tools, we take the time to put ourselves in your shoes and create a simple, clear, and intuitive experience so you can focus on ministry.

My Well Ministry New Brand Poster

My Well Ministry is Relatable.

Like your organization, we’re also a nonprofit. We know the challenges and joys that come with ministry, and want that to help guide our decisions in how we help those partnered with us.

In fact, everyone on our team has been on church staff at some point! We promise that we will never take advantage of you, your ministry, or your congregants.

My Well Ministry New Brand Poster

A website with new features

In conjunction with updating our look, we also updated our website at

We added some sections to clarify our process, how we work, and what we offer. We also added a new Help Center, where you can find answers to common questions or quickly and easily get in touch with a ministry consultant.

Additionally, we added a new sign in page with links so you can quickly access your merchant statements, gateway account, or PCI compliance.

If you ever have a question about a new project or software integration, you can always use the chat icon in the bottom right of any page to get in touch with a ministry consultant. We're always available to help you in anyway!

More to come

We're more excited than ever about what God's doing through My Well Ministry, and can't wait to show you some new projects we've been working on. This is just the beginning!

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