Let Us Know Where To Direct Your Funds

While performing a recent audit of My Well accounts, our partner/processor TransNational found a discrepancy where some accounts were billed an increased transaction fee instead of the normal pass-through amount. This resulted in a surplus of funds over the past few years.

Because we highly value transparency, coupled with our mission to never make a profit from churches and nonprofit ministries, we wanted to let you know and give you some options on how you'd like us to direct your funds.

Depending on your choice, we can send you a check for the full amount (referrenced in our email). Or, if you feel led, you can choose to donate the amount back to My Well Ministry.

Like you, My Well is a registered 501c3 nonprofit. Over the past year, we've been working to build an innovative giving platform that helps churches and ministries all over the US save money while increasing giving. While we've been supported by TransNational and generous dontations from Kingdom minded people, any funds donated will help expedite our mission of providing at-cost processing to more ministries.

Regardless of your decision, thank you SO much for your continued trust in our ministry. We're grateful that we get to serve you as you do kingdom work.

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