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Great leadership is about doing a lot with a little, stewarding the resources entrusted to you. My Well Ministry was born from a desire to empower churches to do more by maximizing donations
through at-cost online giving.

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Our founder John Pitzaferro was inspired by the Global Leadership Summit

In 2008, while at a church service, John heard the story of a man whose business was drilling wells. In the winter months, during the off-season, this man took his business to Africa and drilled wells for free. The story profoundly impacted John. He realized that his well was payment processing.

Every credit card processing company makes their money by charging a small fee on every transaction. John began to think: What if we decided to not charge that fee to ministries and faith based nonprofits?

In 2009, John officially launched My Well Ministry, for churches and faith based nonprofits to steward their dollars well, allowing them to have greater Kingdom impact.

After speaking at the Global Leadership Summit, John Pitzaferro had an increasing passion to do more, and established a vision to save nonprofits $30,000,000 by 2020.

We were so excited to achieve this goal last year, and to date have saved churches over $40,000,000. Now we're setting our sights bigger, as we want to save churches hundreds of millions of dollars!

Our hope is you will be inspired to take your own steps of faith to pursue the things God is calling you to do. And it starts by having the courage to answer these questions: What is your 'well'? What is God’s grander vision for your life?

So What Does My Well Do?

We're so glad you asked! It's everything you need to accept gifts online, manage your givers, and a whole lot more.

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Custom giving pages

Our custom branded giving pages provide you with a beautiful giving experience to put the focus on generosity rather than the transaction.

iPhone app showing the giving screen
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Native app giving

We believe the best "kiosk" is the one in your pocket, one that is available whenever generosity strikes. Utilizing Apple Pay, biometric security, and giving in seconds, all branded for your church, our smartphone app is best-in-class.

Image of lobby with a billboard promoting giving using a QR code
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Custom QR codes

Use a QR code for announcement screens, or on printed materials to make it as easy as possible for givers to get to your giving page from a smart phone.

Image of a phone sending and receiving text messages to give
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Text to give

Simply text your churches shortname to 40101 to get a link to give. This is a great tool to use in a service to help make it easy for people to give.

Image showing admin portal metric data
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Your giving and merchant data in one place

With our admin portal, your finance team can easily track gifts, view scheduled giving, and keep a pulse on your givers. View your deposits, as well as detailed reporting on the interchange data for your gifts.

A friendly dog masquerading as a customer service professional
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Responsive customer service

At My Well we're committed to building great software, but we also believe in having amazing people available to help you when you need it. Our ministry support team is always on-hand, ready to partner with you and the needs of your church.

we believe faith is not for profitIcon with a hand holding a heart

The church isn’t another business market—it’s the hope of the world. We're a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, so profiting on your gifts goes against everything we stand for. We simply pass on our costs to you so more of your givers’ money goes to more ministry.

We’ve noticed everyone seems to have a giving guarantee, the only problem is they're littered with caveats and gotchas. The My Well promise is simple: no matter what, we never markup or profit on the money for your mission.

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David Dummitt, Senior Pastor of Willow Creek
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David Dummitt, Senior Pastor of Willow Creek

If you are already enrolled in recurring giving, we take stewardship of your generosity very seriously, which is why we have changed our giving platform from PushPay to My Well. This change will allow us to save tens of thousands of dollars annually so that we can redeploy those resources to do even more good in our communities locally and globally.

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Once we receive your submission, a Ministry Consultant will contact you with more information on your next steps for a ministry partnership.