Version 1.3.6

May 27, 2020


Admin Portal

Web Giving


With this release we added a brand new calendar date picker to all online giving pages, making it easier for users to select a date for future dated one time gift or scheduled gifts.

Additionally, thanks to Gordon from Davison Missionary Church, we fixed a date filtering issue that affected the Admin Portal when attempting to filter by date range. While the dates of gifts in our system were set using UTC time, the filter component wasn't adding the full range of time to the date. This would cause some gifts to be excluded from the results.

We also discovered a minor discrepancy with how the gift date column was formatted compared to the date on the gift detail page. This would cause certain dates to not match properly, even though the underlying data was accurate. This happened due to the relative timezone formatting compared to UTC time.

Now, all dates in the admin portal, including the date range filter, will resolve relative to the timezone of the device it's being accessed from. This update will ensure that when you're using the admin portal to search for gifts, all dates will now line up and return what you're expecting!

Lastly, we've made some behind the scene changes to prepare for our upcoming Statements > Payouts feature! We're excited about this because it will provide admins a much easier way to view payouts that are deposited into your bank account. This will also allow you to view gifts related to a payout and mark a payout as reconciled.

We hope these additions make it easier for you to manage online giving at your church!


  • Added a calendar picker to online giving pages to make it easier for users to select a specific gift date
  • Added some behind the scenes changes to prepare for our upcoming payouts feature


  • Improved validation in the Admin Portal when creating funds or locations to prevent pesky errors
  • Miscellaneous behind the scenes performance enhancements


  • Fixed an issue where ACH gifts that were returned before settling didn't reflect the right status
  • Fixed an issue where filtering by a date range in the Admin Portal didn't include all gifts within the range
  • Fixed an issue where ocassional discrepancies would appear with date formatting
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