Version 1.0

November 07, 2019


iOS App

Android App


This was a major release that focused on a number of security improvements and changes to how users sign in. Additionally, we're super excited to announce Apple Pay as a supported payment method. This allows us have a simple, seamless giving experience without kicking the user to a browser! This is the official 1.0 release that we'll be submitting to Apple! 🎉


  • Added support for giving with Apple Pay on iOS
  • Added support for setting up a schedule with Apple Pay on iOS
  • Added ability to distinguish which gift receipts were given with Apple Pay and which card type


  • Improved ability for multiple accounts to sign into the same device
  • The Give Now flow now remembers the last used payment method for easier giving
  • Users can now choose Apple Pay as payment method during sign up


  • Fixed an issue where ACH Schedules wouldn't process
  • Fixed an error that occurred if biometrics was enabled for more than one account on the same device
  • Fixed the occasional app crash during onboarding
  • Fixed an issue where the app wouldn't remember the last organization given to
  • Fixed an occasional issue where the payment method list wouldn't update after adding a new account
  • Fixed an issue where schedules created after 7pm EST wouldn't process the first gift
  • Fixed standardization on the name field to avoid potential errors


  • Changed authentication method to use a PIN that is set by user instead of a texted a code
  • Accounts will now lock after a number of failed login attempts
  • Added ability to reset your PIN
  • Users are now required to verify their email address before giving
  • Added email notifications to verify email address on sign up
  • Added email notifications when email address is changed
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