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In the past year, mobile giving to non-profits has increased 205%. Is your church equipped with the latest technology to meet givers when they're ready to give?

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My Well Minsitry uses the My Well Giving Platform to reduce credit card processing fees and increase giving
My Well Minsitry uses the My Well Giving Platform to reduce credit card processing fees and increase giving
My Well Minsitry uses the My Well Giving Platform to reduce credit card processing fees and increase giving
My Well Minsitry uses the My Well Giving Platform to reduce credit card processing fees and increase giving

Features To Spark Generosity

Easy Sign Up
Easy onboarding—simply verify your phone number to get started.

Lightning Fast Giving
People can give and create schedules in seconds.

Give Anywhere, Anytime
Native app for iOS & Android, mobile responsive, desktop browser views. (Text to Give coming soon!)

Schedule Your Gift
Never forget to give again. Schedule your gift at a frequency that works for you.

Securely Save Bank Information
People can give with bank account or credit card.

Encrypted With Biometric Security
Keep all your giver's data safe and sound behind the security of biometric encryption.

See Your Giving Receipts
Givers can view their giving receipts and yearly statements right in the app.

Track Your Giving Insights
Givers can see insights into their giving data and have a greater perspective on their giving.

Promote ACH
Encourage givers to use ACH and see your processing costs plummet.

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Give Seamlessly In Seconds Using Apple Pay

Can’t remember your bank account or card numbers? Simply use your existing Apple Pay Wallet for the easiest way to give. Now you’ll never have to worry about leaving the app with our immersive giving experience.

My Well Using Apple Pay On The iPhone
My Well Ministry Admin Portal Image

Management Tools
Designed To Save You Time

With our admin portal, your finance team can easily track gifts, view scheduled giving, and keep a pulse on your givers.

My Well Ministry Giving Insights Image

Giving Insights

View metrics on your church's giving to keep a pulse on your finances, plan for the future, and easily see your impact of partnering with My Well Ministry.

My Well Ministry Giving Insights Image

Gifts And Schedules

Easily manage all of your one-time gifts and recurring gifts in a central place. Our robust filter, sort, and export options help reduce the time spent administering online giving for your church.

My Well Ministry Giving Insights Image

Funds And Locations

Whether you have a single location or multiple campuses, the My Well Giving Platform will help you create funds for tithing, building campaigns, missions, and more.

And So Many More Platform Features...

At-Cost Processing
Interchange Plus Zero pricing means we don't profit from a percentage of your giving. We pass the costs directly to you with no markup.

Giver Profiles
Manage your giver's information and track all their gifts and schedules.

Custom Theming
Make the giving experience feel familiar by adding your organization's logo and colors.

Data Export
Easily export data for accounting purposes or importing into other platforms.

Accounting Tools
Easily see how much you paid in fees each month and mark each batch as reconciled.

Team Management
Account owners can invite team members to the admin portal, while managing their permissions.

My Well Ministry Security image

World Class Security, So You Can Rest Easy

Keeping your data secure is a full time job, that’s why we employ best practices for online security. By using the My Well Platform, you're using the same level of encryption that banks use to protect their services.

We’re PCI Compliant So You Don’t Have To Be
Each year we go through a third-party audit to ensure that our systems and process are up-to-date and following industry standard best practices.

All credit card numbers and bank account information are tokenized and then stored in an encrypted vault with our providers, so you don’t have to worry about handling sensitive information. We also manage your PCI compliance, so you don't have to worry about long surveys or compliance fees.

Your Ministry

Supporting Your Ministry image
My Well Ministry shield logo

It's our ministry to support your ministry. So, whether it's questions about your account, advice on giving, or troubleshooting, we're here to help things go right for you. Our support team is available 7 days a week to ensure you have everything you need to increase giving to your organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my organization qualify?

If you are a faith-based company and a 501c3 non-profit organization, you qualify to partner with My Well Ministry.

If you meet this criteria, get started today to start saving and accomplishing more with your giver's contributions.

How much can I save?

Over the last ten years, My Well Ministry has helped hundreds of churches and faith based non-profits free up over $20,000,000 in processing fees that went back into ministry work. On average, organizations that use My Well Ministry save 40%–50% off their current credit card processing fees!

How does My Well Ministry offer these savings?

We offer these savings through our exclusive partner, TransNational Payments, who also founded My Well. They provide the actual processing services without any markup or profit. This means any transactions you process or equipment purchased through us, cost you less than it costs us to provide or buy.

Because of this, we’re able to save you money, allowing you to allocate these savings to other areas of need within your ministry.

How much does it cost?

There are two primary ways online giving services charge: a monthly fee that covers use of the cloud platform + a percentage of the total amount given, or they will waive the monthly cost in favor of a higher percentage of the total volume.

While a flat rate may seem simple on the surface, it almost always means you pay significantly more in the long run.

With the My Well Giving Platform, you pay a small monthly fee based on the total number of transactions you processed tha month in addition to the rate assessed by the major credit card brands, and 30¢ per transaction. We believe this is the most transparent way to cover the costs of providing our platform and staying true to our vision of providing more money for more ministry.

How does My Well compare to _______?

My Well provides an all inclusive online giving platform that allows your givers to give in app or on the web, containing the same features that you've come to expect from other online giving providers.

Unlike many online giving services, My Well is able directly provide a payment processing account (similar to Stripe). Because of this, we effectively eliminate the middle man, and are able to pass on the cost of Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Amex, without taking a percentage of the profit.

As a result, you save a significant amount of money that can be reinvested into ministry!

How is My Well funded?

My Well is funded by the success of their partner, Transnational Payments. Rather than seeing churches and faith based based nonprofits as another vertical market to profit from, they leverage the success of their traditional business model to fund ministry.

Additionally, as a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit ourselves, My Well Ministry accepts donations from people and organizations who believe in our mission. As a result, we're able to play a small part in seeing God's kingdom come to earth.

Who is TransNational Payments?

Transational Payments is our exlusive payment processing partner and industry leader in payment solutions and merchant services, serving businesses nationwide since 1999. My Well was established as a department of TransNational Payments in 2009.

Because of their heart for charitable and socially responsible causes in the industry, TransNational’s CEO and President launched My Well Ministry as a way to give back the company’s time and expertise in order to make its services available at less than cost to faith-based non-profit churches & ministries.

When you have a minute, make sure you check out the entire My Well Story.

Visit our Help Center for more advice and answers to common questions about us, our process, and your next step.

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Looking For Just Payment Processing?

Do you have your own giving platform or church management system and only need back-end payment processing? Benefit from the same Interchange Plus Zero pricing behind our giving platform, where we pass the costs directly to you with no markup.

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