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30 Ways To Give Back To Your Community

In honor of Giving Tuesday falling on the 30th of November this year, we’ve compiled 30 Random Acts of Kindness. Check out the list for some inspiration.

My Well Team

For those unfamiliar with Giving Tuesday you can check out our other blog about the movement. The event is a simple idea that in order to strengthen our community we all need to give back a little. To learn more about the cause you can visit their website, Giving Tuesday.

As always, financial donations are a great way to give, but if you’re already donating to a cause or simply just want to do something different you can go through our list and get some ideas. These 30 acts of service can be done with little to no money needed but are just as helpful if not more.

  1. Invite a friend out for coffee.
  2. Offer to wash a neighbor’s car.
  3. Compliment someone you see today.
  4. Attend a friend’s concert, art expo, show etc.
  5. Bake a delicious treat to share.
  6. Offer to babysit for parents of any age.
  7. Send an encouraging text message.
  8. Donate clothes to shelters in your city.
  9. Cheerfully greet someone in the elevator.
  10. Shovel snow in a neighborhood.
  11. Let someone skip you in the checkout line.
  12. Hide encouraging notes in the office.
  13. Call your parents just to talk.
  14. Build a birdhouse for your local birdwatchers. 
  15. Dig a flower or vegetable garden.
  16. Take your siblings out for ice cream.
  17. Mail out a thank you letter.
  18. Pick up litter along the road.
  19. Leave spare change at the laundromat.
  20. Email under-appreciated co-worker.
  21. Take care of yourself with mental breaks.
  22. Leave a positive comment on blogs and channels.
  23. Leave a large tip for a struggling waiter.
  24. Pay a toll for the person behind you.
  25. Run errands for busy family members.
  26. Make an effort to learn others’ names.
  27. Offer to pet sit for vacationing friends.
  28. Keep an extra umbrella around for others.
  29. Pick up a friend for church.
  30. Just be present and listen to each other.

Not everything on this list can be done by everyone but that’s ok! We all have our strengths and any kindness you can do will be appreciated. Another item I didn’t list because it is only helpful for some, is to refer a friend to My Well Ministry if their church or ministry is looking to save on their processing costs and join our software. To quote High School Musical “we’re all in this together” so let’s start acting like it and love our neighbors as ourselves. 

If you were gifted one of these kindnesses, share it with us on our social media.  

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