We believe faith is not for profit.

My Well Ministry is a technology nonprofit ministry building best-in-class software to help other faith-based nonprofits manage their giving and keep more money in their ministry.

Burning money

Do you want to make a difference?

We serve organizations on the frontline of their communities doing Kingdom work, supporting those in need, ministering to the poor, feeding the hungry, and providing people a sense of place and belonging. These organizations are doing incredible life-changing work, impacting individuals and their subsequent communities all across the country, but they rely on the generosity of people in order to function.

As a registered 501C3 ourselves, we understand the unique challenges that come with operating a ministry, and we consider ourselves in the trenches as a trusted partner alongside them. We are doing the difficult-but-necessary work of building a robust giving platform, for organizations to accept, and manage donations, so they can concentrate on having the biggest impact in the world. At My Well, you have an amazing opportunity to put an unprecedented amount of money back into the ministries who need it most, while doing the most important work of your career.

Our culture

Our culture reflects the attributes we value most highly as a company. It guides how we work, from the biggest decisions down to the nitty-gritty details. And, it's also aspirational - we're always working toward reflecting each of these qualities more and more each day. Do you see these qualities in yourself? If so, you'll fit right in!


We're passionate about excellence. Let's be honest: as a nonprofit whose main selling point is that we're saving our customers boatloads of money, we could probably get by with a product that was just "okay." But, we're not satisfied with just "okay." We believe that we can build software that's truly the best around, and offer it up at cost to our customers, and so that's what we have set out to do. We're passionate about the pursuit of excellence in our respective job areas and we hold each other accountable for doing the best work we can.


We're inspired through collaboration. We believe that even the best idea can be even better with some outside input, so we're constantly working together to solve the complex problems we find ourselves facing each day. We value the different experiences and perspectives we each bring to our jobs, so we seek out others' help and input instead of trying to go it alone.


We're motivated by challenge. As a small nonprofit in an industry that's stacked with huge corporations, we come to work each day with a scrappy attitude and an eye toward disrupting the status quo. We tackle big problems in search of unique solutions and thrive in the place between what we don't yet know and what we're learning.


We're encouraged by celebration. We've got big goals and a huge ambition. But we know success isn't achieved all at once; it's the culmination of lots of small wins over time. Whether individual or shared, we love to celebrate wins and reflect on how far we've come. And, by focusing on other's successes, we have the opportunity to grow in thankfulness and humility, all while building each other up!

How we work

We're a fully distributed team and provide you the freedom and flexibility to help you do your best work. We know the value of creating an atmosphere of togetherness and belonging. We have worked hard to create a remote culture where you feel supported as an integral part of the team.


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Fully Remote

No need to relocate or commute to an office, because we don’t have one.

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We can work with you to find a flexible schedule that fits within our regular team activities.*

Hardware & Software

A powerful laptop and any software you need for your job.

Cell Phone

We provide your cell phone, as well as the service.**

Medical, Vision, & Dental

No matter what's thrown at you, we have options to keep you and your family covered.**

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401k Contribution

Up to 4% salary match contributed to your 401k.**

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Volunteer Day

Get paid time-off each calendar year to serve with an eligible non-profit.

Training & Development

On the job training to help you grow and develop your skills.

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Occasionally we get together with the entire team, in-person.

*Excludes Ministry Support schedules
**Approved full time employees only

Open positions

Sorry! We do not have any open positions right now.