Rock RMS Partners With My Well To Keep More Money In Ministry

Churches using Rock as a ChMS can use the integrated My Well gateway for giving and events to save up to 50% on credit & debit card processing fees.

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My Well + Rock RMS = A match for the Kingdom

My Well is a nonprofit ministry that gives away payment processing at cost to other faith-based nonprofits so that money is freed up for the Kingdom.

Rock RMS customers can use the form on this page to sign up for a My Well Ministry account and get the absolute lowest credit, debit & ACH processing fees. Most churches save 40–50%! We'll reach out with all of the information you need to quickly and seamlessly start processing payments through the integrated payment gateway in Rock RMS.

About Rock RMS

Rock RMS is a church management system (ChMS) that puts people right where they should be - at the center of your organization. The basic building blocks for Rock are individuals and their relationships. That's why we called it an "RMS." It means Relationship Management System.

Key Features

  • Completely Open Source
  • Developer API
  • People / Family Management
  • Group Management
  • Contributions
  • Check-in
  • Content Management System
  • Calendar Event Registration
  • Connections
  • Rock Plugin Shop
  • Works On mobile devices
  • Send email & text communications
  • And Much More!

How is Rock RMS different?

We're glad you asked! Rock RMS is the innovation toolkit for the modern day church. Here's a short list of what sets Rock apart:

Better Technology: We are committed to constant technical innovation.

Strong Community: Churches using Rock and working together to find and share solutions make up a dynamic community that is essential to the Rock RMS ecosystem.

Refreshingly Open: We know each church and its needs are unique. You'll find the freedom within Rock RMS to extend and customize your experience to your heart's content.

Just Simple: You'll find Rock's interface so easy to use that your volunteers will love you! And our documentation will make you a superhero in no time.

No Bills: There is no price tag for Rock RMS. We rely on the generosity of churches finding value in Rock to contribute to our mission of accessibility, craftsmanship, and community.

Kingdom-Building: Protected by Spark Development Network, a non-profit board that represents a variety of churches, Rock RMS will always pursue the best interests of the global church, rather than any individual interests.

Learn more about Rock RMS at

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