How The QR Code Is Revolutionizing Church Donations

In today's age where passing the bucket is no longer a literal thing it can be difficult to raise funds, but we can all scan a QR code! Read more to see if these black and white squares could benefit your ministry.

My Well Team

Since most organizations receive donations through an online portal it can be difficult to get their members and guests to the right place with no link to click. Especially for the first time guests who may not know all the details. By scanning the QR code anyone can easily make a transaction to their church.

QR Code on hone screen

QR codes seem to be continuously rising and falling in popularity but since their inception in Japan they’ve always been around. Many different types of businesses use the code for all sorts of reasons as they can be programmed to do all types of tasks. The My Well QR code has been programmed to take givers to an organization’s donation page. From there it’s just a few simple steps to register and give.

Login page on phone screen

Any Admin on our Platform can download a unique QR code from their Tools page. There is no extra cost or hoops to jump through. Just click the button and you instantly get your code. How you use the code is completely up to you, but you could show it on the screen, tape it to the backs of chairs or print it in the brochures. 

Donation page on phone screen.

The QR code is just one of the additional ways people can find your organization’s giving page without knowing the url. Guests can also find your ministry by downloading the MyWell App or by texting your short name to 40101. Each of our tools are available to your church at no extra cost and can be found in your admin portal.

If your organization is using MyWell and wants to learn more about what all you can do, feel free to reach out! Book a meeting with our Support Staff to find out what other options are available. If you’re interested in signing up for a MyWell account you can fill out this form and a representative will be in contact. As always, we want to keep more money in your ministry and this tool is just one of many to help empower you and your community.

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