Version 1.11.0

January 18, 2021


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Web Giving


Happy New Year! Our first release of 2021 brings a major improvement to our sign-in process on the web, some enhancements to how you can download your gfts as a CSV, and some big improvements to our backend systems.

We take user security very seriously at My Well, which is why we require our users to re-authenticate frequently. This can feel annoying at times, but we think it's important to make sure we're keeping your data secure 🔐. To help make it as un-annoying (is that a word?) as possible, we'll now take you back to the page you were originally trying to access after you sign in.

The new year brings means it's tax season again, and we know many of our customers need to get data out of our system so you can generate yearly statements for your givers. With that in mind, we've added some extra data about your givers when you export a CSV of your gifts, and streamlined the process of generating those reports to make it even easier for you to download them!

Alongside these improvements, we also performaed a major overhaul of our database and backend systems to improve their performance. What's this mean for you? Well, nothing... yet. But, we've got some plans for 2021, y'all, and these changes will help us to ensure we can bring those plans to fruition, while simultaneously improving the performance of our existing features, and continuing to bring even more churches onto our platform so they can join you in putting more of their money towards building God's Kingdom!

As you can probably tell, we're pretty excited for 2021, and we hope you are, too!


  • Redirect on Sign In
  • Improved experience for downloading gifts as a CSV
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