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January 26, 2021


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In this release, we're pleased to offer the ability to change the phone number associated with a user's account. While it's an infrequent occurance for most people, it can be a real headache to manage when it does happen, so we're happy to be able to allow our users to update their My Well account without the need to contact support!

We've also overhauled the look of the emails that we send for things like setting up an account, performing account changes and (as a brand-new feature 🎉) when you give a gift! Emails are now branded with your church's name, color, and logo whenever possible. This change should make it more clear who your givers are actually giving to, as well as just look a little nicer in their inbox.

Finally, we've improved the experience for viewing a Payout's details based on some of your feedback. The list of gifts associated with a Payout now includes the location that the gift was given to, and we now allow for exporting that list as a CSV so you can more easily import it into other accounting systems you may be using. We love ❤️ getting suggestions for how we can make things easier for you and your givers, so please don't hesitate to reach out to if you've got a suggestion for us!


  • Ability to change your account's phone number.
  • Email notifications for gift receipts.


  • Emails now match your church's branding.
  • Ability to export the gifts in a specific payout as a CSV, and view which location they were given to.
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