April 11, 2020
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Release Notes

The saga continues! On Good Friday, we discovered an issue affecting a small percentage of users where their accounts could be in an incomplete state after signing up. This was especially frustrating for users who were new to online giving.

With churches across the US celebrating Easter weekend, we pulled the team together to release a fix so all new accounts would work properly upon signing up.

Also included are some other tweaks and style fixes to improve the giving experience and ensure that giving works for everyone!

  • Improved validation on address inputs to prevent possible errors in giving a gift
  • Improved validation on zip code entry to remove stray spaces since it could result in a gift not going through
  • Improved validation on name fields to fix issues where some ACH gifts would not go through
  • Started asking for First & Last Name as separate fields instead of a single Full Name field

  • Fixed an issue that would allow some users to get their account in an incomplete state
  • Fixed an issue to prevent users from creating an account when the proper fields weren't completed
  • Fixed several styles on gift details and schedule details screens
  • Fixed organization logos to always link to the organization website
  • Fixed an issue on native apps where it would hang on a loading screen when signing in while account needed to be completed

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