April 28, 2020
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Release Notes

With this release, we've continued to resolve issues reported from users. Most are edge cases, but had a negative effect on the user experience—so we fixed them!

In addition to resolving some styles in the Online Giving experience and Admin Portal, we've fixed some issues around giving to organization with multiple locations, buttons behaving badly, and some legal pages not loading in some cases.

We also improved some existing functionality like making it easier to reset your PIN, simplifying the account creation process on native, adding better validation when adding a payment account, and hiding your PIN when you sign into the platform!

We hope this helps your people increase generosity—thanks for letting us serve you!

  • Improved the ability to reset your PIN even if your email address was unverified
  • Improved native handling of the create account process to both simplify the steps and to prevent an incomplete state that could cause issues on the web giving page
  • Enhanced the amount entry web to better handle additional use cases
  • Added more robust support for PIN entry across the web
  • Improved validation when adding payment accounts
  • Added a reminder to check spam folder when verifying email address
  • Added a character limit to organization shortnames to prepare for Text to Give
  • PIN is now hidden as you type for greater security
  • Fixed an issue where users couldn't give on the web if an organization had more than one location
  • Fixed an issue causing unexpected behavior when interacting with buttons on the web
  • Fixed some misc styling issues in the Admin Portal and Web Giving pages
  • Resolved some styling issues relating to payment methods
  • Fixed an issue where certain links to terms and privacy wouldn't load

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