Version 1.6.0

August 04, 2020


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It's finally here! We're really excited to announce that you can now view your payouts and billing statements in the Admin Portal. This allows you to see all of the gifts associated with each payout into your organization's bank account, as well as to mark each payout as reconciled for accounting purposes. Our one-click-reconcile feature allows you to easily go down the list of payouts and quickly mark them as reconciled, speeding up your workflow. The detail page for each payout provides additional insight using a graph to illustrate the breakdown of the card brands used in each payout. We also added a billing page, where you can access PDFs of the gateway statement for each month.

We also improved the experience for new givers who haven't given a gift or created a schedule yet by adding messaging and a call to action on the gift history and the schedules pages, in both the web and the native app.

We're really excited for you to start taking advantage of these new administrative tools, and we hope it will help you be more efficient and have greater insight into your giving data.


  • Built a new Payouts page in the Admin Portal.
  • Built a new Billing page in the Admin Portal.


  • Added more information on the gift history, and schedules pages to make the first time experience even better for new givers across the web and the app.


  • Fixed an issue on Android, where text in input fields was getting cut off.
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