September 18, 2020
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Release Notes

With this release, we're really excited to add the ability for an admin to refund or void a gift via the admin portal. Refunded and voided gifts appear in the list of gifts and payout details in the admin portal, as well as in the giver's giving history. We hope this will be one of your least-used features, but we're happy to be able to now support it when the need arises 😄.

We've also made some huge improvements to the flow for adding a payment method. Besides some snazzy visual updates, the new flow reduces the number of clicks needed to add a bank account or credit card, does a better job of communicating what went wrong if there's an error with the account, and is unified across our web, iOS, and Android apps for better consistency.

  • Support for refunding and voiding gifts across the entire platform.
  • Improved user flow when adding a checking or savings account.
  • Updated the design of checking and savings accounts.
  • Better surfacing of errors when adding a checking or savings account.

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