October 15, 2020
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Release Notes

We're excited to launch another oft-requested feature: editing payment methods! Before this release, there was no way to update a credit card's expiration date, fix a typo in your bank's routing number, or update a billing address. Spooky, right? Well, no more! Users can now edit their payment methods, making these situations downright frightless.

On the admin portal, we added some helpful links when viewing a gift's details. You can jump from the gift to the user who gave it, the schedule it originated from, and the payout it's a part of! Additionally, we enhanced this screen, and the schedule details screen to work on mobile devices.

Finally, we corrected a few places where phone numbers weren't formatted correctly, and fixed a bug with CSV exports not showing refunds with negative amounts.

  • Added support for editing payment methods.
  • Enhanced gift details screen on the admin portal with links to the giver's profile, schedule and payout (if applicable), as well as mobile device support.
  • Improved consistency when displaying phone numbers.
  • Fixed an issue with CSV exports not accounting for refunds properly.

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