Celebrating $40+ Million Dollars Freed Up For Ministry Work

Since My Well Ministry started, we’ve processed over three billion dollars for churches, ministries, and faith-based nonprofits. That’s billions being sent to ministry work!

My Well Team

From all the nonprofits that we serve, we have seen over three billion dollars processed. While that is a big deal, we’re celebrating the fact that ministries partnered with My Well have collectively saved over 40 million dollars in credit and debit card processing fees! What would have gone to processing companies can now go to making a difference and furthering the Kingdom.

The Vision of My Well

A few years ago, our founder John Pitzaferro cast a vision to save faith-based nonprofits $20,000,000 in processing fees by 2020. Little did we know that we would reach more than double that goal in just two years! We're amazed and delighted at how the Lord is using My Well Ministry to make a difference around the world through the ministries partnered with us.

Every Dollar Matters

Everyone that uses My Well Ministry has a different story. No matter their size or how many dollars they process, each organization is able to see more of their gifts used in ministry. Good stewardship means that every dollar matters if it’s going to God.

To those who decided to partner with us, we would like to say thank you! Because of your partnership, we are able to see more lives changed through ministry. Every time you share what My Well is doing, you’re continuing to make a difference.

Inspire Generosity

If you haven't yet made the decision to partner with My Well Ministry, you can Get Started today! We believe that good stewardship shouldn’t be hard and that the world changes as we use our gifts for God's Kingdom. We would be honored to help your organization inspire generosity and accomplish what God has called you to do! 

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