The Church Leader’s Guide To My Well's Rock Gateway

My Well's Rock Gateway is in the Rock Shop! My Well Ministry offers a new option to process payments for churches that use Rock RMS.

My Well Team

My Well Ministry was established because we love the Church and want to be a genuine ministry partner to the churches we serve. We found a kindred spirit in Rock RMS, with their passion for helping the Church as well. Our partnership quickly grew from this bond.

For years, if our ministry partners wanted to accept gifts on Rock RMS, we would assist them with the setup of the NMI gateway. We are excited to announce that we have built our own! You can upgrade to the My Well Rock Gateway for the same great service with more benefits. 

What’s Available On The New Rock Gateway?

Having our own gateway on Rock RMS offers many advantages to our ministry partners. Not only do you get access to our great rates and powerful technology, but you also gain several new benefits. 

  • Givers only need one sign-in for gifts to be made.
  • You can edit existing schedules without having to create new ones.
  • We do all the heavy lifting for you to be PCI compliant. 
  • Credit and debit card expiry dates are automatically updated.
  • Givers have the option to cover the costs of processing.
  • Gifts can be voided the same day they are made.
  • In our Gateway Admin Portal, you can view payouts and see a detailed invoice breakdown.
  • Gifts in your Rock instance will have direct links to your Gateway Admin Portal.
  • Schedule data can be migrated from the NMI Gateway to our Gateway.

As we continue to improve the Rock Gateway, we are adding more features for your church. Events payment processing and the ability to use Apple Pay as a payment method will soon be available. Be on the lookout for more information on both.

We’re Here For You.

In addition to walking with you every step of the implementation journey, we also have 24/7 support available. Our Ministry Support Team is here to help whether you have a question during the setup, once things are going, or if changes need to be made in the future. We want to be a resource for your ministry; support is a significant part of that. 

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What Are My Next Steps?

To utilize the My Well Rock Gateway, your ministry must be using Rock v13 or newer. If you are already using My Well and would like to switch to the Rock Gateway, we can seamlessly migrate your data. Contact our Ministry Support Team to get started. You can reach us by sending an email to

If you are not currently using My Well, then you can fill out this form to learn more. By completing the form, not only can we migrate your data over from your current provider, but your church can save thousands in processing fees each year. This way, your church will have more room for ministry.

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