Coming Soon, A Cutting Edge Giving Platform

The secret is out! My Well Ministry is gearing up to launch its biggest project to date.

My Well Team

We’ve been investing significant time and resources into creating a new and innovative giving platform to make it easier for you you to increase digital giving, while still keeping money in ministry. Just like our processing, we’ll be giving it to you at-cost. If you’d like to be the first to know about our new giving platform (And maybe even be a part of our pre-launch program), you can signup here.

Why Another Giving Platform?

With so many church giving options currently on the market, we had to ask ourselves—do churches and nonprofit ministries really need another one? We tried partnering with several providers, but the problem always remained: most online giving businesses are sustained by capturing a percentage off of the tithe. We realized that in order to continue offering our at-cost credit & debit card processing, we had to build a giving platform.

As a result, we've been deep in development mode to bring you an all inclusive online giving platform that allows your people to give in just seconds—no matter where they are or what device they're using.

If you're interested, don't forget to sign up. And if your church or ministry is close to signing up for another online giving platform, you might consider waiting just a few more months. We've heard it said that good things come to those who wait. 😉

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