Introducing The My Well Giving Platform—Online And App Giving For Churches

We are excited to take the next step on our journey as a nonprofit, and announce our full software platform with a suite of tools, from Web Giving, to Native Apps, and an Admin Portal!

My Well Team

How Our Online Giving Platform Works

Our innovative giving platform provides a beautiful experience your givers will LOVE—making it easy to give, schedule a gift, or view their giving history, whether it's on the web or within our app. The giving platform builds on top of our at-cost processing so you don't have to spend a fortune to make digital giving simple. That means more of your donations will go towards more ministry!

Additionally, did you know that in the past year, mobile giving to non-profits has increased 205%?(Nonprofit Source) Is your church equipped with the latest technology to meet givers when they're ready to give?

Our online giving platform can equip your church with tools to increase generosity and empower your givers when they’re ready to give.

📱 An Innovative Giving App

Our native apps available for iOS & Android smartphones make it easy for givers to sign up and give anywhere, anytime. In fact, we’ve even seen some people give in just 4 seconds! It’s kind of like the Cash App for churches.

Why is an app important?

Studies show that people are 80% more likely to use an app vs a mobile browser for consuming digital content. (Source) This increased usage makes people who have your giving app likely to give more on average and more frequently.

With an app, your church has a place on every person’s phone, creating a consistent reminder to practice generosity every single day.

Exclusive App Only Features

The My Well Giving App also comes with features that you can only get with a native app.

Biometric security allows your givers to sign in faster and more securely by automatically scanning their fingerprint or face depending on which feature their phone supports.

With an app, your givers simply have to tap an icon to start giving online—no extra typing needed.

Give seamlessly in seconds using Apple Pay. Can’t remember your bank account or card numbers? Simply use your existing Apple Pay Wallet for the easiest way to give. Now you’ll never have to worry about leaving the app with our immersive giving experience.

🖥 A Companion Online Giving Page

Your website is the front door of your church, and making it possible to give from your website is a must. Now you can link to your custom-themed online giving page directly from the giving page of your website!

Image showcasing desktop, tablet, and mobile web giving

Our online giving page brings the same easy giving experience from our native apps to the web. It intelligently adapts to your users whether they’re giving from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or a mobile browser from their smartphone—creating a great experience no matter what device they’re using. This focus on responsive design has shown to double giving from mobile devices! (Source)

Giving Features

Your givers can easily create an account or sign in, give online, or schedule gifts so they never forget to give. Additionally, they can access their giving history, update personal information, securely store payment methods, and more!

Unique Landing Page

Your unique online giving page uses your church logo, name, and colors so your givers can know they’re giving to your church. Try it out here.

Promote Bank Account Giving

Our platform naturally encourages giving via bank account so more of their gifts goes towards ministry.

📈 An Admin Portal to Manage Your Givers

With our admin portal, your finance team can easily track gifts, view scheduled giving, and keep a pulse on your givers. Our robust filter, sort, and export options help reduce the time spent administering online giving for your church.

Funds and Locations

Whether you have a single location or multiple campuses, the My Well Giving Platform will help you create funds for tithing, building campaigns, missions, and more. In fact, there’s no limit to the number of funds or locations you can create.

You even can set the order and visibility of funds and locations, so you can control the priority in which they display to givers!

Custom Theming

Make your online giving experience feel familiar to your givers by adding your organization's logo and colors. Whether your givers are using the native app or online giving page, they can give with confidence, knowing it’s going to the right church.

Data Export

Easily export data for accounting purposes or importing into other platforms.

Team Management

Account owners can invite team members to the admin portal so the right people have the access they need.

Free Resources to Promote Online Giving

Launching online giving at your church can be daunting. With our Giving Strategy Guide, Giving Migration guide, and exclusive graphics, text, and promotional videos, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to easily communicate the change.

The Best Ministry Pricing For Online Giving

Our online giving platform is priced to only cover our costs so more of your givers' money goes to more ministry.

The church isn't another business market—it's the hope of the world!

How our pricing works

There are two fees you’ll pay when using the My Well Giving Platform: Processing Costs and Platform Costs.

1. Payment Processing Cost

Most organizations charge 2.9% + 30 for payment processing. Our model uses Interchange Plus Zero pricing. We simply pass the fees charged by card brands like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, directly to you, along with the 30¢ per transaction fee.

For bank transfers (ACH), there are no additional or hidden fees—just the 30¢ per transaction fee.

No matter what, we never markup or profit on the money for your mission. Learn more about how My Well processing fees compare to other giving providers.

2. Platform Cost

Our monthly platform fee goes toward covering our costs as a ministry - we will never make a cent in profit from gifts to you. This pricing is designed to meet you where you are and scale with you, so you only pay for what you use, at the end of each month.

All of our platform features are included in this fee, so we won’t nickel and dime you. In fact, across all of our partners, we’ve seen an average savings of 40%-50% off previous processing rates, and the overwhelming majority of churches could pay for the platform out of their savings.

Image illustrating capturing generosity whenever it strikes

Start Using Our Online Giving Platform Today!

Learn more about our online giving platform — or if you're interested and would like to request an invite, you can get started today.

Have more questions?

We're always here to help! click the chat icon in the bottom of the page and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about our new online giving platform or your existing account. We can't wait to serve you!

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