The My Well Ministry Platform Has A New Look

Spring cleaning is done just in time for summer! Our engineering team has been hard at work creating new features as well as updating existing ones. Read on to see what's new.

My Well Team

There are many ways to use My Well Ministry that benefit faith-based organizations and recently we were able to update our software platform product. In this update to the platform, our engineering team was focused on making everything run more smoothly. This included giving more power to admins, unveiling new icons, and adding more buttons to the drop-down menu.

Admin Schedule Edits

We know many of our admins have been wanting more permissions, so we are happy to announce that they now have the ability to edit their givers’ schedules! The wait is over and our admins no longer need to depend on us to help their givers. 

We have added a new “Edit Schedule” button to the schedule view. Click any schedule under the schedule tab to find this button. Admins can edit the amount, fund, location, date, frequency, or payment method as needed. In addition to editing schedules, they can now stop schedules.

Giver and Schedule Imports

Another new feature on our platform will help bring givers and schedules from your current donation management system to the My Well platform. To make the transition easier, we will set up the givers’ accounts and schedules. All a giver will need to do is claim the account and schedule via email.

In order to use this new feature, all we need is a spreadsheet of the information. For a sample of how it should be formatted, you can check out this givers list and this schedules list. To view the progress, click the “Tools” menu in the admin portal to find both the Giver Import and the Schedule Import. From there, you can track which accounts have been claimed as well as which schedules have been activated.

Updated Status Icons

The next time our admins sign into the platform they may also notice that we’ve updated both the icons and the layout. Our hope with the new icons is that they will make things more clear. Below is a screenshot of donations with the new icons from the admin portal.

By clicking on a gift associated with a schedule in the gifts list, admins will also notice a completely different layout. By clicking on the giver’s name, admins can visit the giver’s page or use the actions buttons to “View Schedule,” “Void,” or “Refund” all from the gift view.

New Integrations Button

At My Well Ministry, we know some of our admins like to use Rock RMS to help keep track of what’s going on at their churches. In an effort to make the transfer of information seamless, we built an integration into Rock. That way churches still get our amazing processing rates and are able to run things in their Rock Instance. 

Because of this new update on the platform, this integration is easier to find and use. By clicking “Integrations” in the drop-down menu, admins can quickly find the Rock integration. We’ve also made it easier to sync funds by adding a search feature. When looking for a specific fund, just start typing it out. Once all the funds are synced, gifts will appear in both My Well and Rock RMS. 

Hands typing on a computer.

Work In Progress

Currently, Rock RMS is the only option on the Integrations page on the platform. We plan to add more integrations in the coming months and years. If your organization has a church management software that does not have a My Well integration, please contact us for more information and we can let you know the next steps.

With new icons, admin abilities, and easier-to-find integrations, there’s a lot packed into this update. Feel free to reach out to with any questions about how these new features work specifically. If your organization hasn’t made the switch to My Well Ministry we hope you’ll consider it and discover what your ministry can do with more.

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